October 5, 2014

Neewer is a passionate team committed to bringing you new and cool photography gear. A company that exists as an online store for photographic accessories and lenses.

We have a common understanding of small details and the practicality of quality products, and we always stand behind every product we make. With the trend of social media development, Neewer is committed to providing all customers with cost-effective video and audio enhancement equipment, enabling people to create specialized studios at a lower cost.

It is a fast growing multinational company founded in 2010. Neewer always listens to customers and continually introduces new products based on high value, from the initial flash set-top box to the widely used on-camera LED lights. Our ring lights are now quite popular with beauty bloggers. There is no virtually overpriced here, only high-quality photographic products, tested over and over again. Anyone can start from Neewer to the first stage of the peak.

We never blindly follow, but we are ahead of today's popular technologies. Experienced technicians design and expand our product portfolio to provide you with a one-stop shop for a wide variety of scenarios. Media content creators, amateur photographers or professional photographers, here you can get all the equipment you need to create content.

Neewer currently has a number of Amazon-certified top-selling products and several affiliates on three continents. Do you think we'll stop? We have seen a constant stream of new technologies and surprises, only for you Neewer will never stop. We want everyone who picks up a camera to know Neewer!

Neewer Lenses

  1. Neewer 8mm f / 3.5
  2. Neewer 28mm f / 2.8
  3. Neewer 32mm f / 1.6
  4. Neewer 35mm f / 1.7
  5. Neewer 35mm f / 1.2
  6. Neewer 85mm f / 1.8

Adapters for cameras and lenses

Sometimes I buy photographic equipment from the USSR and not only. You can offer your write me. Help the project: 5469 1200 1062 4624. Comments can be left without registration and SMS

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