October 5, 2014

Hannes Import and Export (Hanimex) is an Australian reseller company that ordered lenses and cameras from manufacturers under its own brand. Basically, these lenses on the secondary market are called "10 bucks plug" abroad. These lenses had such an interesting quality. Usually the most simplified models or rebranding of well-known lenses and cameras.

Hanimex on the portal:

  1. Hanimex 28mm f / 2.8
  2. Hanimex Hanimar Auto "S" 135mm f / 2.8
  3. Hanimex Praktica 66
  4. Hanimex Praktica LTL
  5. Hanimex Praktica Super TL
  6. Hanimex Praktica NOVA IB
  7. Hanimex Praktica LB
  8. Hanimex Praktica L
  9. Hanimex Pro L
  10. Hanimex Pro TL
  11. Hanimex Praktica TL
  12. Hanimex Praktica NOVA I
  13. Hanimex Praktica mat


Adapters for cameras and lenses

Sometimes I buy photographic equipment from the USSR and not only. You can offer your write me. Help the project: 5469 1200 1062 4624. Comments can be left without registration and SMS

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