Auto fork (bracketing) is a software function that allows the camera to take several shots in a row with preset changed camera parameters.(for example, "exposure bracketing" in which the camera takes three shots in a row - lighter, normal, darker). There are several types of bracketing - autofocus, exposure, white balance. Used when photographing, in order to subsequently choose the best option.

On modern 35mm digital cameras, when the aperture is closed to f11-13, the diffraction limit occurs, at which a further increase in the aperture number only worsens the sharpness of the image. Switching between standard aperture values ​​on early lenses changed the illumination by a factor of 2 (one stop). On modern lenses, the change in the aperture number, as well as the shutter speed, is possible in 1/3 stop. Exposure Bracketing:

-1 EV, 0, + 3EV

upload exposure 4

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Flash bracketing

Flash bracketing mode.
Flash Breaking consists in sequential shooting of several frames, in which the flash output for each frame changes by a certain amount up or down from the value determined by the automatic system.
This shooting mode can be used when it is difficult to determine the exact exposure, or for special effects.

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