Beier (1923)

September 14, 2014

Beier (not to be confused with Bayer) is a company founded in 1923 by Waldemar Beier in Freital, Dresden. The full name of the company - Kamera-Fabrik Woldemar Beier, originally produced large format plate cameras. In 1931, Beier launched their first 35mm Beica camera, which became the forefather of virtually all other Beier models. After the war, most of the company was not repressed, and continued to produce photographic equipment, although it formally became owned by the GDR. In 1972 it was renamed VEB Kamerawerk Freital, and in 1980 it became part of the VEB Pentacon Dresden conglomerate, with which it was liquidated in the early 90s. According to one of the versions, it was bought out together with some other companies by Heinrich Manderman.

The most famous camera of the company is the Beier-matic, produced from 1958 to 1990.ohm, the company's list of cameras is quite impressive: plate chambers, originally с wooden case (Edith in 1923 year Erika 1923, Lotte 1925)... Film Gloria born in 1929, с 1930 years Beier is being releasedBox (1930), Box I (1930), Box IA (1931) Box II (1934) и Box IIA (1935). FROM 1931 was issued 3 × 4 cm film camera beica (в 1932 renamed Beira, because the name was almost in tune with Leica). Then comes the release of Beira on miniature 24x36 mm film.

First SLR camera 6x6 cm format beierFlex (the release started in 1938) wasа in 1939 year replaced by beierFlex II... And the most small camera Beirette went to 1939, and Beirette II с conjugate rangefinder (In 1941) was the last pre-war company model... After the war were produced 6 × 6 Accurate, beirax II, 1956 Accurate IIa.

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