Pentax 50-200mm is an addition to the kit Pentax 18-55 supplied with the Pentax K200D camera. Covers portrait-to-telephoto focal length range, replacing multiple fixed-length lenses.

Ergonomics and appearance

Chassis lens made of plastic. The focus and zoom rings are rubberized. With increasing focal length lens, its length also increases. When folded, the dimensions of the Pentax 50-200mm slightly exceed those of the 18-55 zoom; when unfolded, the lens is extended by about 1,7 times. The minimum focusing distance is 1,1 meters.

The distance scale is duplicated, the values ​​in the metric system are plotted in white, in the imperial system - in blue. The f-number is variable (at open values), the aperture is controlled mechanically (there is a lever at the end lens). The Pentax 50-200mm does not have any switches on the body, the autofocus is electronically controlled via a camera (there are corresponding terminals on a metal mount lens).

The focus ring rotates freely, after focusing, you can manually correct the focus. At the far end (200mm) sharpness sags, more or less compensated for by closing the aperture to f8. Shows itself well on a sunny day, but in cloudy weather you have to raise the sensor's photosensitivity values. The lens comes with a hood with a connector for correcting polarizing filters and a proud inscription “collected in Vietnam”.

Image quality

The quality of the optics is not bad - HA are present on the open ones, but they choke on the computer, the color rendition is so-so, there is a slight distortion at the far end. Not a bad option for use as a travel zoom for both beginners and amateurs, it is inexpensive in the secondary market. Sample photos:

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