Jupiter-8 2/50 - kit lenses for cameras Zorkiy-4, Zorkiy-4K, Mir. They were produced in light and black versions of the cases, they have a less intense color of lens enlightenment, and there is no letter “P” on the case in the marking, as in earlier releases. Jupiter-8 2/50 is still the Zeiss Zonnar. However, it was already converted for the production capabilities of the USSR. The design of the hull and the mechanics of the helicoid has been redesigned and greatly simplified. The helicoid can be lubricated with tight rotation without disassembling the lenses. Also, if you unscrew the helicoid stopper, you can reduce the focusing range and turn the lens into a macro.

Lens for rangefinder (mirrorless) cameras only with M39 screw connection. This lens is installed on modern SLR and mirrorless cameras through the appropriate adapter. Read the article about adapters.

Known variants of Jupiter-8 2/50

  • Carl Zeiss Sonnar 1: 2/5 cm - original German production
  • Zonnar Krasnogorskiy - "ZK" 1: 2 F = 5cm P... The first experimental series of the lens is a copy of Carl Zeiss Sonnar. It is found both under Zorky-FED and under Kiev-Kontax, in different versions of the cases.
  • Jupiter-8M 2/50 bayonet Contax RF for cameras "Kiev". The standard lens for cameras Kiev-2, Kiev-3, Kiev-4 was produced at the Arsenal plant in Kiev.


  • Jupiter-8 1: 2 F = 5cm P light with focusing drive (sample photo). Standard lens of the Zorkiy-3M camera. Production Krasnogorsk.
  • Jupiter-8 1: 2 F = 5cm P light with focusing ring (sample photo). Standard lens of the Zorkiy-3 camera. Production Krasnogorsk.
  • Jupiter-8NB

Jupiter 8NB

  • Jupiter-8 2/50 in a light unpainted case. Production Krasnogorsk.



  • Also, Jupiter-8 2/50 was produced in the version for a photographic enlarger

On Sovietcams.com Jupiter-8 has 17 known modifications, differing in the design of the frame, enlightenment and marking.


Refers to early versions with a deeper lens color, and are included in a separate review.

Jupiter-8 2/50 characteristics

Development: GOI
Aperture: 1: 2
Focal length, mm: 50
Angular field of view, city .: 45
Linear field of view, mm: 43
Calculation: 48.06
Code: О24-К-7142
Weight: 130 g
Format: 2,4×3,6 cm

Jupiter-8 2/50 lens diagram

The layout of the Jupiter-8 is different from the original Zeiss Sonnar f/2 layout. A little, but still different. In the design of the optics, heavy crowns, which have a high refractive index, characterized by large (more than 50) values ​​of the average dispersion coefficient.

jupiter 8 goi 3

Jupiter-8 2/50 MTF

Specification resolution (center/edge): 30/14 lines/mm, however, it is slightly less on the MTF chart. In fact, the sharpness of the lens for photography is more than enough. True, an open aperture has a very large difference in sharpness from the center to the edge.

jupiter 8 goi 4

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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