The first version of Canon's travel zoom, not bad for beginners. It is supplied in sets with some cameras, but it is possible to purchase it separately. Now on the market there is an updated version of the Canon EF-S 18-135mm, which has an STM drive and optics on board, which increased the overall sharpness lens at all focal values.

The lens is a kit. What is a kit lens?

Kit lens (from the English kit - kit) - slang word - interchangeable lens, which comes with the camera at the time of sale. Often this refers to a specific entry-level zoom lens that comes with budget cameras (EF-S 18-55mm f / 3,5-5,6 for Canon, AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55 mm f / 3,5-5,6 VA for Nikon, 18-55 mm f / 3,5-5,6 Sony, DA 18-55 mm f / 3,5-5,6 AL from Pentax, etc.)

Canon EF-s 18-135mm f / 3.5-5.6 IS. General

Chassis lens, like all modern consumer goods, is assembled from plastic. The same plastic from which the body is assembled lens 18-55. Matt, not easily soiled.

canon ef s 18 135mm f4.5 5.6 IS 4

Optics quality lens slightly higher than that of the "whale" 18-55 IS II. A lens with such focal lengths helps out if you need a travel zoom on a trip or a hike, so as not to carry a few fixes with you.

Canon EF-s 18-135mm in action

front part lens extends when the focal length is changed. This design will eventually draw dust into the lens space. However, remove it from lens relatively simple - three screws are hidden under the front decorative sticker. It is enough to mark the position of the lens with a marker before disassembly, unscrew the screws, - blow it through with compressed air lens and at the same time the reverse side of the gluing we removed.

When assembling Canon EF-S 18-135mm, align the marks, and you saved on going to the service. Manual focusing has a small step, there is no need to be afraid for accuracy. The zoom and focus rings rotate effortlessly.


Diaphragm lens although it is round and electronically controlled, the lens does not give an "artistic" blur of the background - it is, nevertheless, a travel-zoom and artistic photography is not included in its range of tasks.


The stabilizer is great at the far end, when parasitic vibrations can completely ruin the frame. The work of the stabilizer is visible to the naked eye. Thanks to its internal focusing, the lens allows the use of cheap Chinese polarizing filters. Focusing is slow, but its speed is enough to have time to shoot something really interesting.

canon ef s 18 135mm f4.5 5.6 IS 2


Sample photos. Canon EF-s 18-135mm


On a bright sunny day, the lens works wonders, despite the fact that color distortions sometimes come out during post-processing of photos. In general, the lens will delight its user. On the secondary market, you can find it at half the price of a new one.

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