The Pentacon Super film camera was originally conceived as a system camera for the professional. The production began in 1968, the camera had many fixtures and cost 2200-3000 marks of the GDR. The Pentacon Super was the first German camera to orbit the Earth in a Soyuz spacecraft and was used in zero gravity. The device was developed by Horst Strele. The pentaprism is a removable, replaceable fresnel lens with measuring wedges and a micro-raster for easy focusing. The device uses a metal-cloth curtain focal gate vertical stroke. It covers a range of shutter speeds from 1/2000 to 10 seconds. Synchronization speed for electronic flashes (X) - 1/125 second. However, built-in in addition to the rim lens synchronous switcher also allows the use of flash lamps (F-FP)

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Film camera Pentacon Super has a mount lens M42x1, the lenses have an additional pin for transmitting the aperture value directly to the camera. Interchangeable lenses have focal lengthm from 20 mm to 300 mm. In addition, any other interchangeable lenses with M42x1 connector on the Pentacon Super can be fitted. For using lenses with Pentacon Super on other cameras, optional body pin lens need to be eliminated. The following lenses are compatible with the Pentacon Super:

  • Zeiss Flektogon 4/20 mm
  • Zeiss Flektogon 2,8 / 35 mm
  • Zeiss Pancolar 1,8 / 50 mm
  • Zeiss Tessar 2,8 / 50 mm
  • Zeiss Pancolar 1,4 / 55 mm
  • Zeiss Pancolar 1,4 / 75 mm
  • Biometar Zeiss 2,8 / 80 mm
  • Zeiss Sonnar 3,5 / 135 mm
  • Zeiss Sonnar 2,8 / 180 mm
  • Zeiss Sonnar 4/300 mm

The camera was supplied with the Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 1,4 / 55mm. A feature of this lens is the use of thorium, which has radioactive radiation. Although there is no health risk from using the camera and lens, be prepared for the fact that at the airport you will not be missed with this lens due to the background that is too high compared to the environment. However, as with the Japanese Takumar from Pentax (1,4 \ 50mm).

In addition to the usual accessories such as macro fur, special field lenses, angle viewfinder, remote focusing scope, eyecup and micro adapter, there are some additional devices that add the Pentacon raisin system camera. In addition to the removable pentaprism, for example, a removable magazine that holds 17 meters of film for 450 frames, an electric film rewinder (winder) with indicators and a remote control. Most Praktica accessories can be used on other Pentacon cameras.

pentacon super 2Due to the focus on the professional sector and the high cost of the device, only about 4500 cameras were sold. Ultimately, the Pentacon Super was discontinued four years after the camera was released.

What film is needed for the Pentacon Super camera?

Any 135 type (35mm) film in standard rolls will be suitable for Pentacon Super cameras. You can use both black and white and color, you can wind the film yourself. Can be bought from masters... A budget hobbyist color film from Fujifilm or Kodak, black and white Tasma, works well. Films c ISO 400 are suitable for low light conditions, and on films with ISO 200 is best for shooting outdoors in clear or slightly cloudy weather.

The feature of the camera is a removable pentaprism and the ability to connect a winder.

Specifications Pentacon Super

Issue Kombinat veb pentacon dresden Chief Designer Horst strehle
Production period
October 1968 - January 1972 Total produced 4,579
Shutter Mechanically controlled combined lamellar-tissue focal gate Available excerpts shutter
B, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1 / 250,1 / 500, 1/1000, 1/2000
Viewfinder Detachable pentaprism, eye leveling, matte screen with focus area, shutter speed, aperture and exposure meter display. Mirror Returnable
Film feed quick-release lever (black), Pentacon Loading-System, fold-out rewind crank (black), auto-zeroing frame counter, connection of winder motors, separate platoon for long exposures Bayonet mount M42x1, automatic iris control, mechanical control
Self-descent Mechanical, up to 10 sec Battery V625 for pentaprism
Metering system
TTL-measure (stopped-down), depth of field preview using a button on the body Flash F-, FP- and X- synchronization with flash connectors on the camera body
Flash indication
no Aperture display in viewfinder
Aperture and Shutter Speed ​​Display in Viewfinder
Notes Native lens Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 1.4 / 55

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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