The Canon SII camera launched was the first Canon camera to officially start exporting overseas.

This was Canon's first new model after the war. The non-universal screw mount of the lenses was similar to that of the Model J. The viewfinder was combined with the rangefinder. The company distributed these cameras, including through the workers of the red cross, who supplied humanitarian aid, as well as through the employees of the occupation forces.

This policy of the company in the future made it possible to purchase raw materials and materials necessary for production. The camera cost 48 thousand yen, the set included Serenar lenses, Canon's own production.

Camera Specifications

Camera type 35mm camera with focal point gateohm
Print size 24 x 36 mm
Lens included Serenar 50mm f / 3.5, 50mm f / 2
Mount lens Non-standardized threaded connection
Shutter Biaxial focal gate with fabric curtains.
The main shutter speed dial contains Z (Zeit or bulb), 1/20, 1/30, 1/40, 1/60, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500 sec.
Additional lever for 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 sec.
Viewfinder Rangefinder with image coincidence combined with a viewfinder of the "Galileo back tube" type,
magnification 0,6x, viewfinder coverage ~ 85% of the true frame size.
Loading Film After removing the bottom cover, the film cassette is inserted inward.
Frame counter Manual entry from 0 to 39 on the top of the camera, next to the film rewind disc.
Film rewind Rewind knob on top cover
Dimensions and weight 135.5 x 69.5 x 30.2, 640 g (Serenar 50mm f / 3.5 lens)

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