Canon Camera S without long exposure dial. The control disk was abolished due to the increased state tax rate of pre-war Japan.

canon ns

The cost of the camera, even with the Nikkor 50mm f3.5 lens, was relatively low. Since the characteristics of the camera were the same as those of the Hansa Canon, the camera was called NS (new standard) abbreviation. At this time, Japan began to build up its military potential, so the state tax rate was raised, and Hansa Canon increased in value from 275 yen to 350. Canon NS was developed precisely as a cheaper analogue of Canon Hansa, however, did not enjoy popularity. As a result, about a hundred of Canon Camera NS were released.

The camera cost 330 yen with a Nikkor 50mm f4,5 lens (two rolls for film, a case), 380 with a Nikkor 50mm f3,5 lens.

Camera Specifications

Camera type 35mm camera with focal point gateohm
Print size 24 x 36 mm
Lens included Nikkor 50mm f / 3.5 (Tessar with 4 elements in 3 groups)
Mount lens Nikon RF bayonet mount
Shutter Biaxial focal gate with fabric curtains. The shutter speed dial contains Z (Zeit or bulb), 1/20, 1/30, 1/40, 1/60, 1/100, 1/200, 1/500 sec.
Viewfinder Retractable reverse Galileo viewfinder.
Loading Film After removing the bottom cover, the film cassette is inserted inward.
Frame counter Manual entry from 0 to 39 on the front cover of the camera.
Film rewind Rewind knob on top cover
Dimensions and weight 136.5 x 69 x 31 mm, 640 g (Nikkor 50mm f / 3.5 lens)

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